Foreign Rights

Since 1995 Kossack Literary Agency is representing German-speaking authors and their works in the fields of fiction, non-fiction, children's books and books for young people. In addition, we are representing the subsidiary rights of several German-speaking publishing houses.

For more information about the available foreign rights, please take a look here and don't hesitate to contact us.

Contact Kossack Literary Agency


Lars Schultze-Kossack (CEO): lars.schultze{at}

Annette Wolf (literary agent, foreign rights): annette.wolf{at}

We do work with the following subagencies:


Balkans / Eastern Europe:

Corto Literary Agency, Budapest, Hungary

Antonija Radić: antonija{at}


Rightol Media Ltd., Chengdu, China

Ms. Bella Li: bella{at}


Editio Dialog Literary Agency, Lille, France

Dr. Michael Wenzel: dr.wenzel{at}


Iris Literary Agency, Athens, Greece

Catherine Fragou: irislit{at}


Daniela Micura Literary Services, Milan, Italy

Daniela Micura: d.micura{at}

Japan (non-exclusive):

Meike Marx Literary Agent, Japan

Meike Marx: meike.marx{at}

Japan (non-exclusive):

Japan Uni Agency, Tokyo, Japan

Eriko Takeuchi: eriko.takeuchi{at}

Netherlands & Scandinavia:

Maydo Kooy Literary Agency, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hanna Jansen: hanna{at}


Graal Literary Agency, Warsaw, Poland

Tomasz Berezinski: tomasz.berezenski{at}


Vaniat Agency, Moscow, Russia

Tatiana Vaniat: tatvikta{at}


A.C.E.R. Literary Agency, Madrid, Spain

Laure Merle d'Aubigné: lma{at}


Jiaxi Books, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Hsin-Hua Liu: eu{at}


AnatoliaLit Agency, Istanbul, Turkey

Amy Spangler: amy{at}

Özlem Oztemel: o.oztemel{at}

Korea (non-exclusive):

MOMO Agency, Seoul, Korea - Ms. Geenie Han: geeniehan{at}

BC Agency, Seoul, Korea - Mr. Richard Hong: r-hong{at}

Coherence Agency - Ms. Hueiling Yen: dr.hueiling.yen{at}

Brücke Agency - Young Sun Park: ysunpark{at}

EYA Eric Yang Agency - eya-assistant2{at}

Bestun Korea - Hyeyoung Lee: hylee{at}

Sona Amo Agency - Sona Amo: sona.amoagency{at}

Hobak Agency - Ms. Stella Yuna Choi: stellayuna{at}